Float along the lush landscape of the Niangua River with Big Bear River Resort! 

We offer a variety of rafts, tubes, cooler tubes, kayaks and canoes to fulfill your dream day on the river, whether that’s kayaking to a hidden fishing hole or leisurely floating a raft with your best buds.
Big Bear’s resort staff shuttles guests and vessels to four access points: 
  • 1-mile float from Barclay Conservation Area.
  • 5-mile float from NRO (additional $5 access charge applicable).
  • 8-mile float from Bennett Springs State Park. 
  • 15.5-mile float from Moon Valley Access – depart at 8:30am – KAYAK or CANOES only.


Big Bear floats end at our gravel bar. Once guests come ashore, the resort staff will help unload belongings and dispose of your trash. Take a moment to refresh yourself at the nearby food truck, which is stocked with food, snacks and drinks during the summer season. 
At the gravel bar, guests are within walking distance of the riverfront campsites and Mama Bear’s Mini Mart (where there are hot showers and flush toilets). Guests can also request a ride back up the hill to the cabins or the office to pick up vehicles. 
Please reserve vessels as early as possible (50% deposit is required). Rentals regularly sell out during the summer season, especially larger rafts, which are limited in number. 

DAILY RATES (Sun – Fri/Saturday)

Kayak (single person)$40/45
Tube (single person)$20/30
Cooler tube$25/25
Canoe (aluminum)$40/50
Canoe (fiberglass) $50/60
Raft – 4 man$115/135
Raft – 6 man $160/180
Raft – 8 man$205/225
Raft – 10 man$250/270


Big Bear also accommodates guests who bring their own vessels: 

  • Overnight guests with their own vessels can ride the resort shuttle to the access point drop-off for $40/vessel.
  • Day floaters can park on-site at Big Bear for $35 but must have someone else shuttle them to the access point drop-off.
  • Resort shuttles are not available for floaters who aren’t staying guests or renting vessels from Big Bear (This does not apply to Coastal Country River Resort guests who arrange for floating through CCRR). 



  • If the resort’s vessels or equipment are abandoned on the river and not returned to the resort, guests will be charged $35 per vessel. 
  • All vessels must be back at Big Bear River Resort by 7 p.m. There will be a $25 charge for every hour thereafter.
  • Damaged vessels or equipment will incur a charge determined by the resort owners.
  • Small mesh trash bags are provided with each vessel. Please help keep the river beautiful and free from trash.
  • No Styrofoam coolers, glass bottles, beer bongs or kegs are allowed on the river per state law. Violators risk being ticketed by the Water Patrol.
  • Life jackets are provided with each vessel. Children under age seven are required to wear a life jacket under state law. 

Big Bear River Resort does not assume responsibility for personal injury, medical payments, or property loss or damage. Guests will be asked to sign a liability waiver at check-in before the float trip begins.