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Ronny and I moved to Missouri from Texas 8 years ago and are still amazed with the beauty of Missouri. We love sharing the experience of the Amish/Mennonite community next to us that makes the most delicious food and beautiful crafts. We are a short drive to Bennett Springs, Springfield, Branson and Lake of the Ozarks. We are nestled on the Niangua River. 

The part of the river we float is fed by Bennett and Barclay springs. We purchased the campground in 2021 and it continues to grow more and more each year. Some of the guests have become family. Some of you we know by name and others, your familiar faces. The craziness of the peak season makes it impossible for us to have a conversation with each of you but we would really like that. If you enjoy quiet time with nature we encourage you to come during the week or Sunday. 

If you enjoy the party scene Saturday is your day. We love to float and fish with our children and grandchildren. The river is home to goggle eye, bass, trout and more. I have enjoyed learning about gigging and fly fishing. The best part about this journey are the people we have met along the way. Everyone has a story and I am honored you have made us a part of yours.

We serve breakfast burritos and biscuits and gravy saturday mornings from 7-10. The buses run from 8-10 am on saturdays. You have to be off the water by 7pm. You will end your float here at our gravel bar. Hamburgers, pizza, nachos, frozen margaritas, or frozen rum will be waiting for you. If you are up for it after a day of floating we will host karaoke by mama bears.

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Winter C cabins at Big Bear River Resort

Before you settle in, please visit the resort’s main office to see the freshly painted wall murals of a stunning river landscape featuring the black bears native to Missouri. There you will also find snacks and drinks for purchase, along with resort merchandise and floating accessories like dry bags. Essential camping supplies, firewood and Saturday morning breakfast may be purchased closer to the riverfront at Mama Bear’s.

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